We are a survey research & data science company always looking for new and innovative ways to improve on traditional ways of data collection and analysis. Our aim is to make data accessible, tangible and actionable. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Social Research

Rooted in a strong and academic background in social and behavioural studies, we are always looking for innovative solutions to every research task. We are equipped to take care of all stages of the social research process ranging from coneptualisation and design, implementation and fieldwork management to data analysis, visualisation and reporting. We conduct quantitative, experimental and qualitative studies.

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Monitoring & Evaluation

As a company that embraces change we are fascinated by the change around us. Our know-how and tools are perfectly suited to track developments and performance over time and measure the impact of initiatives and programmes in society.

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Mobile Data Collection Consultancy

Primary data collection using handheld devices such as smart-phones devices is at the heart of the most of our research activities. We frequently help organisations to implement their own data management systems